Yoga Therapy Greece 1st module(50hr)

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Yoga Therapy 1st module (50hr): Starts at 23 February 2019 Place: Ioannina - Greece Language: English/Greek Course description: Yoga Therapy (1st module) is an excellent option for Yoga Teachers, for Therapist, Doctors, Nurses, Psycologists, Homeopathics, Acupuncure Therapists, Psysiotherapists etc. During this course you will learn how to cure physical and mental habits such us psycologicals issues, weights problems (obesity, boulemia), heart diseases, diavetes, spine problems etc. The method of Yoga Therapy includes Yoga postures (asanas), Breathing techniques (pranayama), Concentration techniques (dyana) and theory. Training hrs: 50 hr If you have any inquiries please dont hesitate to contact with us by email:

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