Online Yoga Therapy Summer offer

Online Yoga Therapy sessions with Vasiliki Raja

Online Yoga Therapy sessions with Vasiliki Raja Yoga

Summer special offer from 200 euro only 160 euro Offer expired 30rd of September 2018

It includes 4 online yoga therapy sessions, 1 hour each with Vasiliki Raja

Online sessions are suitable for all people who wants to work with their body and mind for obesity, scoliosis, kyfosis, lordosis, menopause, headache, migranies, pregnant women, arthitis, costipation, diabetes, spinal issues, stomach problemes, menstrual disorders,rheumatic pains, sciatica etc. Also for stress, anxiety, mental diseases etc.

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Yoga Therapy sessions

Enjoy 1 hour private session one-on-one Yoga  Therapy 
The power of healing and well-being
Relax and rejunavate body and mind
Yoga Therapist: Vasiliki Raja (member of International Association of Yoga Therapists)
Designed for individuals who need private yoga instruction due to the busyness of daily life, injury, illness or those who simply need to get a “yoga primer” before they hit a group class. These private sessions are grouped according to your specific needs and customized to meet your health goals.
For physical, mental and emotional needs and toxins.

In the Studio

Single In-Studio Session 60 min, 40 euro  ($50)

5 In-Studio Sessions Package: 4+1 free, 60 min each session, 160 euro from (200euro  $200 from 250 US dollars)

Yoga at YOUR Place

Single Home Visit, 60 min,  70 euro $95

Single Home Visit, 90 min,  95 euro $115

5 Home Visit Package, 60 min per each session, 320 euro  $425

Yoga Therapy monthly packages: 

8 private sessions per month: 240 euro only from 320 euro

3 months package: 12 sessions (4 per month): only 380 euro from 480 euro

                              100 euro discount

                              24 sessions (8 per month): only 760 euro from 960 euro

                              200 euro discount


Location: V Raja Yoga School or online session
For more info please do not hesitate to contact with us by message or by phone: +357-96871058 (Vasiliki Raja)

Office Yoga training

Office Yoga Training with Vasiliki Raja

Enjoy a Office Yoga Training with Vasiliki Raja (Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist from International Association of Yoga Therapists, with 26 years in Yoga's field)



Problem: A sore lower back, stiff neck, and tight hips and shoulders from sitting at a desk for 8+ hours.
Solution: Office yoga. 
We all know that sitting down for long stretches of time can wreck havoc on our health (sitting too much has been related to both high blood pressure and obesity), but if you lead an overall healthy lifestyle your main problem could be the fact that too much typing on the computer gives us tight upper backs, necks and shoulders.
Practicing Yoga at your desk and minimize your discomfort throughout the day and making it easier for you to focus on work.

The seminar is open for Yoga teachers and all that want to bring well being at workplace. 
It includes theory and practice
Place: V Raja Yoga School
Investment: 70 euro (per participant), early bird 55 euro (prepaid basis only)
Certification of Attendance
For info and more details please do not hesitate to contact with me by phone: +357-96871058
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Yoga Therapy : Diabetes (learn how to cure)

Yoga Therapy: Diabetes (learn how to cure)

Learn how to cure Diabetes on this Yoga Therapy workshop
What diabetes is
Types of diabetes
Syptoms of constipation
Who gets diabetes
Yogic and Ayurvedic Treatments for diabete
Theory and Practice
for more info please call: +357- 96871058 and ask Vasiliki Raja
(viber, whats up)
Vasiliki Raja: Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist with 25 years on Yoga's path, member of International association of Yoga Therapist and member of International Federation of Yoga Professionals (under umbrella of Ministry of Yoga, Ayush)
Limited spots are available
Only for Yoga certified and registered teachers, yoga masters, yoga therapists and doctors and healers
Investment: 70 euro (prepaid basis only)
Early bird: 55 euros only (prepaid until October 10, 2018)

Yoga Therapy Cyprus

Yoga Therapy 

Place: Nicosia, Cyprus

Yoga Therapy training is an excellent option for Yoga Teachers, for Therapist, Doctors, Nurses, Psycologists, Homeopathics, Acupuncure Therapists, Psysiotherapists

During this course you will learn how to cure physical and mental habits such us psycologicals issues, weights problems (obesity, boulemia), thyroid problems, diavetes, hormones problems , spine problems, diabetes etc.
The method of Yoga Therapy includes Yoga postures (asanas), Breathing techniques (pranayama), Concentration techniques (dyana), Ayurveda and theory.
The training will take place in Cyprus.

Yoga Therapist: Vasiliki Raja Yoga (26 years in Yoga's path)

If you have any inquiries please dont hesitate to contact with us

by email: or by phone: +357-96871058