IAYT Educational Standards

The V Raja Yoga School is a member Yoga Therapy School from IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) and we follow the IAYT Educational Standards for the 800hr Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course.

IAYT Educational Standards:

Section 1: Yoga Foundations

It includes: Yoga teachings and philosophy

                  Yoga and the Mind

                  Framework for health and disease

Section 2: Biomediacl and Psychological Foundations

It includes: Anatomy and Physiology

                 Aditional Biomedical Knowledge

                 Psychology and Mental Health

                Aditional Knowledge

                Body and Mind Integrationa

Section 3: Yoga Therapy Tools and Therapeutic Skills

It includes: Yoga Therapy Tools

                 Basic Principles of the Therapeutic Relationship

                 Principles and Skills for educating clients/students

                Principles and skills for working with groups

Section 4: Practicum

It includes: Providing Yoga Therapy

                 Practicum Documentation and mentorship

                 Practicum delivery

Section 5: Professional Practice

It includes: Ethical Principles

                 Legal, regulatory and business issues

                 Relationships with peers, mentors, clinicians and organizations

                 Personal and Professioanl development

Training Requirements: 200 hr RYT yoga teacher

                                    1 year teaching experience

                                    1 year personal practice

Lengh of program: min 2 years